Building the 21st century

Altare creates socially just and sustainable environments through the creation, promotion and support of responsible lifestyle products to support charitable works.

Altare employs and works with forward-thinking individuals from varied professions. We incorporate creative business practices to develop innovative products, while increasing efficiencies and minimizing waste in all processes.

‘Building the 21st century’ is a business philosophy which brings new and innovative solutions to our business and property development projects, in accordance with our philosophy of maximizing returns while adhering to charitable focus.

About Altare

Members of the Altare team share the philosophy of corporate responsibility, profitability, social capital, and serious fun.

Altare values wisdom, creativity, and compassion. Our team includes groups focused on real estate design, development, construction, and management. These inter-related groups share resources and information in the most efficient manner possible, utilizing innovative practices and procedures.

Our urban centres continue to develop to minimum, and often outdated, standards. Altare works to improve development through care and attention to the details. Advanced construction methods and materials which have been proven in the local and global market places are utilized. Ottawa is home to world-class research and development resources which provide valuable input into Altare products.


Altare welcomes opportunities to participate with property and land owners, private investors, and other interested parties in the development of responsible lifestyle projects. Our knowledgeable team is able to provide a fair and honest assessment of developmental potential, working in conjunction with municipal, legal, engineering, planning, and marketing professionals.

Inquire about our competitive equity or investment rates of return on quality real estate development projects.


Extensive experience in all aspects of product and real estate development are brought to each venture to achieve innovative solutions. Quality of product and attention to detail ensures projects are successfully completed on time and on budget.


Projects provide unique accommodation in multi-unit buildings. Solutions ranging from new construction to a site requiring development over existing foundations to renovations and additions to existing buildings in urban locations have been designed for property owners and partners.


Proposed 16 Unit Development:

To maintain the density and lot coverage, the Owner was advised to build over the existing rubble foundation. Design features include building façade vegetation, passive solar heating and landscaped roof terrace.


Duplex Renovation/Addition:

Complete interior/exterior renovation and additions to an existing apartment duplex. The exterior was designed to complement the character of the urban neighbourhood.


Each project creates a distinct image for the Client, based upon aesthetic and functional considerations. Solutions ranging from fabric roof for exhibition space to ‘building as art’ rain screen cladding have been provided.


Municipal Park Community Facility (260 s.m.)

A visual artist was engaged to produce the façade art panels for the multi-purpose facility, based upon the themes of Air, Earth and Water. The facility has become the community focal point in a gentrified neighbourhood.


Exhibition Facility (6,850 s.m.)

Proposed exhibition, office and conference space located outside the urban area. Design features include tensile fabric roof, daylighting, geo-tempered make-up air and pedestrian link with signage to adjacent facility.


The goal of Altare is to provide fair compensation and benefits, while experiencing the fulfillment that comes from giving back. Members are encouraged to participate in humanitarian causes for the betterment of society, both locally and globally.

Altare is a founding member and supporter of Restoring Hope Ministries, a charitable organization based in Ottawa, Ontario, which provides street outreach, drop-in facilities, and overnight accommodation for homeless or street-engaged youth. Dedicated volunteers reach out to these often forgotten members of society with caring and compassion.



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